Non return valves R-RV DN32-DN50 PN420


  • Non-return valve controlling liquid media
  • Opening pressure of the preload spring is „0,2-1bar“, other opening pressures on request
  • Valve piston and valve seat are coupled and close hydraulically „leak-free“.
  • Valve parts made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel

Function of non return valve

The valve piston (2) guided within the valve seat bush (1) is pressed into the valve seat (3) by the force of the spring (4) and blocks the fl ow direction from the B to the A channel. Conversely, the non-return valve opens when the hydraulic pressure at the A-channel exceeds the spring force (4).

Technical data

measured with HFA medium 97/3%, at 20°C


Weightsee Order information
Installation positionany
Ambient temperature-10 to 50°C (hydraulic fl uids, heed standard requirements)
Material Valve parts
Material Seals
Stainless steel


Hydraulic pressure connector A, B≤ 420 bar
Direction of flowA->B
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- min. filter fineness connection
Water, HFA
5 to 40°C
see Hauhinco media requirement, water, HFA
Filter fineness 100μm
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- Viscosity
Mineral oil HLP according to DIN51624-2
5 to 50°C
Cleanliness class -/19/16 according to ISO 4406
0,6 bis 100 mm²/s
Use of other pressure fl uids on request.


DescriptionNominal sizeWeightMax. pressureBasic positionVoltageNoteArticle number
Non return valve R-RV DN32DN329,7kg420Opening pressure: ~1,0bar6393233
Non return valve R-RV DN32DN3210,5kg420Opening pressure: ~1,0bar6394558
Non return valve R-RV DN50DN5045,5kg420Opening pressure: ~1,0bar6602008

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