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Water Hydraulic Solutions for Industrial Applications

Hauhinco is represented in a large number of industries with water hydraulic components and fluid system solutions. In particular with comprehensive engineering solutions Hauhinco creates high quality system solutions in the area of pressure supply, descaling and hydraulic press control systems for various forming applications such as rolling, free forming, die forming and forging, as well as for extrusion.

Industry Overview


From individual valves, through pumps, to complete system solutions such as pump houses and press controls for water hydraulic aluminum extrusion and forging presses, our entire range of products and services is in use worldwide at aluminum producers and processors.


For the automotive sector Hauhinco supplies various solutions, in particular drives and control systems for internal high pressure forming (hydroforming) as well as pump units for cleaning engine parts and blocks.


For the manufacture and processing of semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys, Hauhinco offers a wide variety of components and system solutions for presses and descaling.


The application areas for rubber are just as varied as our products and engineering solutions for this sector. Whether for water hydraulic drawing and punching presses for manufacturing hard rubber dampers and shoe soles, or for multi-daylight presses for the production of mats, sheets and strips - at Hauhinco you will find everything for your application, from components to drives and control systems.

Steel and Stainless Steel

Our water hydraulic drives and press controls are used in steel and stainless steel processing. In addition, our descaling pumps and our automated descaling systems ensure the production of high quality products.

Other Industries

Hauhinco high pressure pumps, valves and water hydraulic systems are also used in many other industries and applications.

  • Wood industry
  • Paper industry
  • Cleaning
  • etc.


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