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Emulsion High Pressure Pump Stations for Shortwall and Longwall Mining

Hauhinco designs customer-specific water hydraulic high pressure pump stations for the longwall hydraulics used in shortwall and longwall mining. Hauhinco high pressure pumps generate the necessary pressure to support the shields (roof supports) against the pressure from the roof at the shortwall or longwall.

In addition the pump stations enable the roof supports to move along the face of the coal seam. The necessary volumetric flow rate and pressure depend largely on the length of the shortwall and the longwall and the required supporting power of the roof supports.

Hauhinco emulsion high pressure stations for shortwall/longwall hydraulics include:

  • Triplex EHP-3K or Quintuplex EHP-5K high pressure plunger pumps with electric motor
  • Emulsion tanks
  • High pressure and return filters
  • Hoses
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Control modules
  • Explosion-protected measuring instruments
  • Equipment for data transfer and display


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