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Underground water treatment system

Hauhinco was one of the first companies to develop a water treatment system certified for underground mining. In doing so, Hauhinco reacted to the problem of many mines and longwall mining system manufacturers who complained of dirty and extremely saline water.

The result is a desalination plant that meets the stringent requirements of mining.

The Hauhinco water treatment system at a glance

Built into a transportation frame, the main components of the Hauhinco water treatment plant are the filtration unit, the tank, the reverse osmosis pipe and the control system.

The plant's filtration unit is optionally equipped with either one twin filter (50 μm) or two twin filters (25 μm + 50 μm) and a pipe filter (5 μm). The pipe filter is equipped with two additional pressure sensors to facilitate automatic contamination monitoring by the electrical control system.

A 1000 litre tank is used to supply the processing water. The tank used to supply the dispersant mixture has a volume of 400 litres. Both tanks are equipped with an electrical level monitoring system and a visual fill level indicator.

The reverse osmosis unit comprises a pressure pipe with a membrane, a metering pump, a dispersant tank as well as two flow monitors and a needle valve. For pressure control, two pressure gauges are installed in the raw water inlet and concentrate outlet.

The control system allows the system to be operated in the "Automatic" and "Test" modes.

In the "Automatic" mode, the treatment of the raw water and the processing water supply from the 1000 litre tank to the pumping station are controlled. In the "Test" mode, the various components in the water treatment system can be switched ON and OFF individually.

Since its successful introduction to the open market in 2010, Hauhinco has already sold a large number of water treatment system. The water quality was improved considerably in all mines. Here you can see the input and output values taken from a Polish mine, which illustrate the effectiveness of Hauhinco water treatment plants:

Input value l/h Output value l/h Input value µS Output value µS
2000 l/h saline raw water 1000 l/h clean water 1990 µS 19,5 µS

The advantages of the system at a glance:

  • The system operates fully automatically, i.e. no operator is required
  • Indication is given when the filters are clogged
  • Membrane system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low power consumption
  • Can be used universally
  • Protects and supports the long service life of your system

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