3/2 Wege-Sitzventil DN3 PN320


  • Directly actuated directional seat valve controlling pressurised media.
  • The valve seat seals hermetically preventing internal leaks.
  • All parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and they are easily replaceable.
  • Valve design in a structural plate form
  • On request, the valve can be equipped with other actuations than the electromagnet, e.g. hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder actuation, manual pushbutton operation
  • In addition, the individual actuations can be supplemented with amaintained-contact function

Function of 3/2-way valve

The force (1), generated by the actuation, acts through the lever (2), the tappet (3) on the ball(s) (4) and presses it out of the right valve seat (5) and into the left valve seat (5). This is used to connect lines P and A and shut offline T, see Example. The ring (6) supports the flange seal from the inside. The volume fl ow is limited by the entire fl ow resistance.

The 3/2-way valve is provided with a „negative overlap“. During the changeover process, connections P, A and T are briefl y connected with each other. The changeover occurs so fast that the hydraulic effects are negligible. By design, a 3/2-way valve always requires the connection of a T-connector; only then a proper switching function can be ensured.

Depending on the design of the valve insert a valve with the basic position „A→T NO“ (lines A and T are connected) or „P→A NO“ (lines P and A are connected) is provided.

Technische Daten

gemessen mit HFA-Medium 97/3%, bei 20°C


Weightsee order information
Installation positionany
Ambient temperature-10 to 50°C (hydraulic fluids, heed standard requirements)
Material Valve parts
Material Seals
Stainless steel, bronze except electromagnet


max. operating pressure of connector P320bar
max. operating pressure of connector A320bar
max. operating pressure of connector T50bar
max./min. control pressure of connector Zsee order information
max. volume flow P->A10 l/min
max. volume flow A->T10 l/min
specified direction of flowP->A, A->T
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- Cleanliness class, filter fineness
- Viscosity
Water, HFA
5 bis 50°C
see Hauhinco requirements on water and HFA media
class 20/18/15, filter fineness 25µm
0,6 bis 100 mm²/s
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- Cleanliness class, filter fineness
- Viscosity
mineral oil, HLP
-10 bis 50°C
acc. to DIN 51524
Class 20/18/15, filter fineness 25µm
0,6 bis 100 mm²/s
Use of other pressure fluids on request.


Voltage24 VDC, 110 VAC (96 VDC), 230 VAC (205 VDC)
AC grid, admissible tolerance± 10%
AC grid, admissible frequency50 to 60 Hz
Power consumption21 W
Operating time100% ED
Degree of protection acc. to EN60529IP65
max. switching rate1 Hz

Included in the scope of supply

Mounting screws of the valveCheese-head screw M6
Cable socket of the valve solenoid
- Supply voltage 24 VDC
- Supply voltage 110 VAC
- Supply voltage 230 VAC
according to DIN 43650 – type of design A
max. 100 VA, LED-Anzeige + Z-diode, IP65
max. 1.5 A, bridge rectifier, LED display, IP65
max. 1.5 A, bridge rectifier, LED display, IP65


BezeichnungNenngrößeMasseMax. DruckGrundstellungSpannungBemerkungArtikelnummer
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,9kg320barA->T NO24VDCsolenoid actuation6545599
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,9kg320barA->T NO110VACsolenoid actuation6545637
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,9kg320barA->T NO230VACsolenoid actuation6545688
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,9kg320barP->A NO24VDCsolenoid actuation6545602
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,9kg320barP->A NO110VACsolenoid actuation6545645
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,9kg320barP->A NO230VACsolenoid actuation6545696
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN33,5kg320barA->T NO24VDCsolenoid actuation with a catch6574866
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN33,5kg320barP->A NO24VDCsolenoid actuation with a catch6574874
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,6kg320barA->T NO230VACsolenoid actuation with a catch6577938
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,6kg320barA->T NO-cylinder actuation, pneumatic, hydraulic (control pressure „Z“ 3-320bar)6547818
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,6kg320barP->A NO-cylinder actuation, pneumatic, hydraulic (control pressure „Z“ 3-320bar)6547834
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,6kg320barA->T NO-pushbutton control6570976
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN31,6kg320barP->A NO-pushbutton control6570984
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN32,8kg320barA->T NO-pushbutton control with a catch (ca. 30N)6568378
3/2-way valve DN3 PN320DN32,8kg320barP->A NO-pushbutton control with a catch (ca. 30N)6568386

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