2/2 Wege-Proportionalsitzventil DN3 PN500


  • Directly actuated directional seat valve for liquid media
  • Valve actuation by means of proportional solenoid
  • The proportional solenoid is activated via the Hauhinco automatic control unit „Controller RE4“
  • The valve seat provides a leak-free seal
  • All parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and they are easily replaceable
  • Valve fastening structural plate form with a Hauhinco Connection diagram

Function 2/2-way proportional seat valve

The generated magnetic force (1) acts via the lever (2), the tappet (3) onto the ball (4) and presses it out of the valve seat (5). This is used to connect lines P and A. The covers (6) support the flange seals from the inside and limits the maximum admissible volume flow. A defined actuating force can be preset (factory setting) by means of the counterspring. The proportional solenoid is electrically activated by regulated current generated as the manipulated variable by the controlled electronic control unit, the Controller RE4. The controlled valve current specifies the degree of opening of the valve, thus, ahydraulic volume flow or pressure control can be performed.

Depending on the arrangement of the valve seat (5) and ball (4) the valve will have the basic position normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO).

Technische Daten

gemessen mit HFA-Medium 97/3%, bei 20°C


Weight1,9 kg
Installation positionany
Ambient temperature-10 to 50°C (hydraulic fluids, heed standard requirements)
Material Valve parts
Material Seals
Stainless steel, bronze except electromagnet


max. operating pressure of connector P500bar
max. operating pressure of connector A500bar
max. operating pressure of connector T50bar
max./min. control pressure of connector Zsee order information
max. volume flow P->A10 l/min
specified direction of flowP->A
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- Cleanliness class, filter fineness
- Viscosity
Water, HFA
5 bis 50°C
see Hauhinco requirements on water and HFA media
class 20/18/15, filter fineness 25µm
0,6 bis 100 mm²/s
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- Cleanliness class, filter fineness
- Viscosity
mineral oil, HLP
-10 bis 50°C
acc. to DIN 51524
Class 20/18/15, filter fineness 25µm
0,6 bis 100 mm²/s
Use of other pressure fluids on request.


Voltage24 VDC
Power consumption21 W
Operating time100% ED
Degree of protection acc. to EN60529IP65

Included in the scope of supply

Mounting screws of the valveCheese-head screw
Cable socket of the valve solenoid
- Supply voltage 24 VDC
according to DIN 43650 – type of design A
max. 100 VA


BezeichnungNenngrößeMasseMax. DruckGrundstellungSpannungBemerkungArtikelnummer
2/2-way proportional valve DN3 PN500DN31,9kg500barNC24VDCsolenoid actuation6547273
2/2-way proportional valve DN3 PN500DN31,9kg500barNO24VDCsolenoid actuation6547265


Control unit (not included in the scope of delivery of the valve)
Controller RE4, Article number 2336596
Control unit for Hauhinco Proportional seat valves

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