Digital Controller RE 4


  • Electronic amplifier with integrated PID-Controller for solenoid-operated hydraulic valves
  • Operating mode Pressure and Position control
  • Suitable for all Hauhinco Valves
  • Exchangeability of RE1, RE2 and RE3 is given
  • Control and Diagnosis over software
  • Automatic calibration between controller and hydraulic valve
  • Communication between PC/Laptop and Controller by USB-port

Functional description

The Controller has been specifically designed for Hauhinco Control Valves and forms a closed loop circuit with hydraulic valve.

The demand values for the pressure at the working connection or the position of the setting piston are transmitted by the user by scaled voltage (0-10V) and electricity (4-20 mA) to the controller. Through the controller the demand value and the current value are compared and the valve is being calibrated until the offset is minimized. The control parameters can be altered in many areas within the control software. Further functions as for example a ramp function are also implemented.

Depending on the used valve type (3/2 or 2/2 way valve) one or two valves can be controlled per one controller. The master/slave confi guration of the controller allows an expansion to up to four 3/2 way valves or eight 2/2 way valves that are controlled by the master controller. The previous control cards RE1, RE2 und RE3 can be replaced with the RE4.


Technical data

measured with HFA medium 97/3%, at 20°C
Supply voltage (Ub)
Power requirement max.
External protection
12… 30 VDC (inkl. Rippel)
60W (adepending on solenoid)
3A medium time lag
Digital inputs
Low level
High level
Input resistance
OFF : < 2 V
ON : > 10 V
25 kOhm
Digital outputs
Low level
High level
Maximum output current
OFF : < 2 V
ON : > max. Ub
50 mA
Analogue inputs

Signal resolution
0… 10 V; min. 25 kOhm
4… 20 mA; 240 Ohm
0,003 % incl. Oversampling
Analogue outputs

Signal resolution
0… 10 V
10 mA(max. Last)
0,006 %
PWM outputs
Nominal current
Dither frequency
Dither amplitude
500… 2600 mA, broken wire monitored and short circuit proof
61... 2604 Hz, adjustable in steps
60…400 Hz
0...30 %
Sample time
PID controller
Current controller

1 ms
0,125 ms
Ramp function

0…60000 ms
0…60000 ms
Standby current for pre-magnetisation0…60 % (max. Strom)
Serial interfaceUSB in RS 232C Emulation
(9600… 57600 Baud, 1 Stoppbit, no parity, Echo Mode)
HousingSnap-On module nach EN 50022
PA 6.6 polyamide
Flammability class V0 (UL94)
Protection class
Temperature range
Storage temperature
-20… 60 °C
-20… 70 °C
< 95 % (non-condensing)
Weight0,250 kg
ConnectionsUSB Type B
8 x 4 pole terminal blocks
PE: via the DIN mounting rail
EMCEN 61000-6-2: 8/2005
EN 61000-6-4: 6/2007 + A1:2011


Additional information

Technical informationen

  • Mechanical mounting on a standardized top hat rail according to DIN 50 022
  • Digital PID-Controller
  • Controller sampling rate 1 ms
  • Control deviation monitoring
  • Up to 8 demand values can be stored on the Controller and selected digitally
  • Demand value correction for the analog signal
  • Automatic actual value correction for the analog signal
  • Broken wire detection for analog power inputs
  • Broken wire detection for power outputs
  • Short circuit detection for power outputs
  • Adaption to Hauhinco valve construction sizes
  • Visiualization of the control variables in test mode
  • Automatic adaption of the overlap compensation for all Hauhinco Valve construction sizes
  • Analog output of internal control parameters
  • To optimize the control procedures, manual correction of single parameters are possible
  • Controller is confi gurable as Master/Slave, parallel valve groups can controlled
  • The initial valve position can be defi ned, for example „NC“ or „NO“
  • The operating and diagnostic software is designed for WIN32 compatible operating systems (e.g. Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, 8, 10 etc.)

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