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Proportional pressure reducing valve DN16 PN400


  • Proportional controlled pressure reducing valve
  • All parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and they are easily replaceable.
  • Hydraulic accumulator as a preload element, adjustable accumulator pressure by proportional pilot valves
  • Attachment, structural plate form

Control function

The Pressure reducing valve reduces the primary pressure on port P to a previously set secondary pressure in port A. For primary pressures up to 400 bar, reduced pressures can be set between 20 and 380 bar. A hydraulic accumulator (6), which is prefi lled with nitrogen on the gas side, serves as a preload element. The pressure in the hydraulic accumulator (6) is set by the control pressure (X) by opening the pilot valve (4). Readjustment of the set pressure is possible by releasing the pressure via the pilot valve (5) into the tank connection (T). In the basic valve position, pressure medium fl ows through the valve seat (2) from primary side (P) to secondary side (A). The pressure in the hydraulic accumulator (6) acts to surface (F1) of piston (3). The primary pressure acts to surface F2 and F3. As long as the primary pressure is lower than the set pressure, the valve bolt (1) remains open since the surface F1 to F2-F3 are balanced.

When the set pressure in the hydraulic accumulator is reached or exceeded, the piston (3) and thus the valve bolt (1) moves and closes the open valve seat. In closed position, the primary pressure acts to surface (4). The surface F3 is just as large as the surface F4 so that the secondary pressure is kept constant by permanently opening and closing the valve bolt (1). The pressure relief valve (7) prevents an unwanted pressure increase in the event of leaks at the valve seat. The excess pressure is discharged via the tank connection (T).




Technical data

measured with HFA medium 97/3%, at 20°C


Installation positionany
Ambient temperature-10 bis 50°C (hydraulic fl uids, heed standard requirements)
Material Valve parts
Material Seals
Stainless steel, bronze


Hydraulic pressure connector P≤ 400 bar
Hydraulic pressure connector A≤ 380bar
Hydraulic pressure connector T≤ 10bar
setting range of hydraulic response pressure Pa20 – 380 bar
control ratio:
- pressure reducing function (P-A)
- pressure relief function (A-T)

direction of flowP->A
max. volume fl ow200 l/min
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- min. filter fineness connection P, T
- min. filter fineness connection X
Water, HFA
5 to 40°C
see Hauhinco media requirement, water, HFA
Filter fi neness 100µm
Filter fi neness 25µm
Pressure fluid
- Medium - Temperature range
- Medium - Quality
- Viscosity
Mineral oil HLP according to DIN51624-2
5 to 50°C
Cleanliness class -/19/16 according to ISO 4406
0,6 bis 100 mm²/s
Use of other pressure fl uids on request.

Included in the scope of supply

Mounting screws for the valves
Pressure setting according to customer specification
Factory test certifi cate on request


DescriptionNominal sizeWeightMax. pressureBasic positionVoltageNoteArticle number
pressure reducing valve proportional actuated DN16DN1620,3kg400--Setting range 30-380bar6603293

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