3/2 way seat valve C3 DN3 PN480 ATEX


Function of 3/2-way valve

The force (1), generated by the actuation, acts through the lever (2), the tappet (3) on the ball(s) (4) and presses it out of the right valve seat (5) and into the left valve seat (5). This is used to connect lines P and A and shut off line T, see Example. The covers (6) support the flange seals from the inside and limit the volume flow to the admissible value.

The 3/2-way valve is provided with a «negative overlap». During the changeover process, connections P, A and T are briefly connected with each other. The changeover occurs so fast that the hydraulic effects are negligible. By design, a 3/2-way valve always requires the connection of a T-connector; only then a proper switching function can be ensured.

Depending on the design of the valve insert a valve with the basic position «A→T NO» (lines A and T are connected) or «P→A NO» (lines P and A are connected) is provided.