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Hauhinco descaling rotors: HIDROD sets standards in hydromechanical descaling

In less than 12 months development time, Hauhinco successfully managed to develop a new product line of descaling rotors with a new rotor descaling technology. With this product line Hauhinco further extends its offers for turnkey descaling solutions.

Hauhinco Internal Drive ROtor Descaler, HIDROD in short, is the name of the new descaling rotor family. The robust, compact and powerful rotors stand for uncompromising descaling quality and are suited for all flat, long, block, ring and profile products.

Flawless descaling quality while simultaneously using less water and energy

Producers of steel, stainless steel, copper, non ferrous and forged products have to fulfill rising market and customer requirements to stay competitive. The goal is always reaching an ideal ratio between descaling quality and needed resources. HIDROD descaling rotors are the ideal fit to reach this goal: flawless descaling quality via high impact force while simultaneously using less water and energy. This technology can achieve a descaling quality unable to be matched by any other hydro mechanical descaling method.

Suitable for new and existing descaling systems

HIDROD rotors can be used for new and also existing descalers. Existing rotors of other suppliers can be easily replaced by HIDROD rotors. Also changing and replacing the nozzle bar with rotors is possible and reasonable, when for example the descaling impact force is to be increased with the existing high pressure supply in order to improve the product quality. With decades of operating experience and a deep understanding of the descaling process, new and existing systems can be adapted to product and user requirements. The rotors are available with rotor widths of 150mm, 175mm and 200mm.

Further technical data and characteristics can be found on the following product page and data sheet: