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Erlebnis Maschinenbau ("Experience Mechanical Engineering"): Hauhinco gave students the opportunity to look into various jobs

As part of the initiative Erlebnis Maschinenbau ("Experience Mechanical Engineering") students had the opportunity to get to know various trainee jobs at mechanical engineering companies. The Goal of this initiative is: To show that the Mechanical Engeerining Industry is a sunrise industry with interesting traineeships and perspectives.

Hauhinco participated on June 17th for the first time at the initiative of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of North Rhine-Westphalia, IG Metall and VDMA NRW in cooperation with OWL Maschinenbau and the zdi ("future through innovation") Initiative NRW.

Practical excercises to learn more about the different jobs

Hauhinco introduced its high pressure pumps, valves and water hydraulic systems for mining and industrial applications. During a guided tour by current Hauhinco trainees, the students learned the different productions steps and processes. Afterwards the students had the chance to look into the different trainee jobs and talk to the current Hauhinco trainees.

Erlebnis Maschinenbau - see you again next year

The day was a great success for both - the students and for Hauhinco. "Such days should exist more often. You get to know all the different jobs, that you do not see every day" summarized Alicia (16) the day. Hauhinco will also be participating at the next "Erlebnis Maschinenbau"-day in the following year.