2/2 way proportional seat valve DN10 PN500


Function 2/2-way proportional seat valve

The generated magnetic force (1) acts via the lever (2), the tappet (3) onto the ball (4) and presses it out of the valve seat (5). This is used to connect lines P and A. The covers (6) support the flange seals from the inside and limits the maximum admissible volume flow. A defined actuating force can be preset (factory setting) by means of the counterspring. The proportional solenoid is electrically activated by regulated current generated as the manipulated variable by the controlled electronic control unit, the Controller RE4. The controlled valve current specifies the degree of opening of the valve, thus, a hydraulic volume flow or pressure control can be performed.

Depending on the arrangement of the valve seat (5) and ball (4) the valve will have the basic position normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO).