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Installation and commissioning

Worldwide Hauhinco service ensures pumps, pump stations, press control systems and complete water hydraulic installations are installed and commissioned correctly and reliably.

Years of product and system experience as well as the extensive experience of our service specialists (mostly in mining and industry) guarantee timely and reliable commissioning.

Overview of Hauhinco services:

  • Planning and implementation from a single source
  • Punctuality
  • Renewed checking of products and systems delivered on-site
  • Documentation of the installation steps
  • Support to and implementation of initial commissioning
  • Training of the operators and maintenance personnel at Hauhinco or directly on-site


Christoph Krzisinski
Head of Service
Phone: +49 2324 705-136

Vern Stewart
Sales & Service Manager, Hauhinco LP
Telefon +001-724-789-7050 ext. 322