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Steel and Stainless Steel

Steel is one of the most important material groups in bulk forming. Due to various heat treatment processes, steel offers a very broad range of strength and ductility characteristics. Here the development of bulk formed steel components is never static and the production requirements are continually increasing as a result

Water Hydraulic Press Drives and Press Controls

Hauhinco is continuously exchanging information with its customers and is therefore familiar with the increasing requirements of steel and stainless steel businesses. In our Engineering Solutions department installations are produced that increase productivity, safety and reproducibility, as well as competitiveness over the long term. Starting with individual pumps and valves, through to complete press drives and press control systems for water hydraulic presses, Hauhinco offers steel and stainless steel businesses numerous solutions that set standards.

Hydro-mechanical descaling systems

The increasing quality requirements on steel and forged products are at the same time increasing the requirements on a modern descaling system. In order to fulfill these requirements today and tomorrow, hydro-mechanical descaling is an optimal solution in the production of high quality hot rolling products.
Hauhinco is your partner for descaling systems starting from individual high pressure plunger pumps and valves to turnkey systems with automation and material handling. The experience from numerous projects realised combined with in-house pump and valve development and the own manufacturing make optimized, energy-efficient descaling systems possible that set trends both for modernisation projects and for new installations.

Learn more on our turnkey descaling systems.


Modernization of a 30MN stainless steel extrusion press and engineering of a new 20 MN water hydraulic press

The impressive modernization of an existing 30MN extrusion press by Hauhinco convinced the customer that the new press should also be operated using Hauhinco water hydraulics technology.

Modernization of a 30MN stainless steel extrusion press

Hauhinco installed a modern water hydraulic control system for all the main movements of the 30MN press for a customer who operates extrusion presses for the production of seamless stainless steel pipes. One of the challenges was to adapt the construction to the existing rooms for installation and the existing pipeline system in order to keep costs for the installation as low as possible. This was achieved by using manifold mounting valves and a control block tailored to the application.

The new speed control for the comparably high process speeds meant that the customer was able to achieve a clear improvement in production results. The usable length of the pressed pipe was also increased as the press speed could be held constant for a period previously unachievable. The customized hydraulics engineering allowed the company to increase product quality and also considerably increase profitability.

Drives and press controls for a new water hydraulic extrusion press

The professional modernization of the existing press quickly made it clear to the customer that Hauhinco should also be entrusted with the water hydraulics for the new 20MN-extrusion press at the same factory. The new press has been earmarked, for instance, for the production of control pipelines (umbilicals) for the offshore oil and gas industry in order to meet the high product demands.

Hauhinco has successfully implemented this new press project to meet the special product and installation requirements by working closely with the operating company and the plant engineer contracted to manufacture the press.
Alongside the Hauhinco valve technology, three Hauhinco EHP-5K 400 high-pressure pumps are also in reliable operation for this press.


Always at the correct pressure, angle and distance: Descaling system for a rolling mill for stainless steel panels

Hauhinco has been contracted by a customer to engineer a descaling system for a new rolling mill for stainless steel panels. The new descaling system should reach the best power and energy efficiency combination for the current requirements but should also have enough reserves for future work piece sizes.

Hauhinco mastered this challenge through an indirect drive solution consisting of a redundant high pressure pump system and a high pressure accumulator system. As a drive station, two EHP-3K200 plunger pumps with a reduced input speed are used. By these measures a continuous pump operation for the current conditions is reached on the one hand and on the other hand enough power reserves for future enhancements are given. The automatization solution is specifically designed for the system and includes a typical charging mode of the high pressure accumulator system in correlation with the storage level, however also allows a decrease and increase of the pressure level through parallel controls of the compressor and high pressure pump. With regards to valve technology, Hauhinco uses the metal seat technology which has been proven in water hydraulics for decades. The valves use a wear resistant sealing system consisting of a special PU-compound, which has less seal friction and thus less heat development.

Besides the delivery of the mentioned products, Hauhinco supports the partner from the nozzle design and the performance calculations up to the commissioning including the integration of external delivery scopes. The support during the first days of operation after the commission guarantees the customer a sustainable optimization of the production.


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