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Since the 1980s Hauhinco has maintained customer relationships in the rubber industry.

Water Hydraulic Press Drives and Press Controls for Multi-Daylight Presses

Starting from individual high pressure plunger pumps, to complete water hydraulic press controls and press drives for multi-daylight presses, Hauhinco has extensive experience. Due to this experience the demands on the material, in particular on conveyors and belts, and also on products with profiled surfaces such as mats and shoe soles are well known. To address the increasing quality requirements and to remain competitive, Hauhinco offers plunger pumps, valves and versatile water hydraulic engineering solutions.


Water hydraulic drives and controls for a multi-daylight upstroke press

Hauhinco has successfully completed a number of products with companies in the rubber industry. We have been able to draw on our comprehensive process and function know-how to find the ideal solution for each customer.

The rubber production process

Rubber mass is formed into an end product and vulcanised in hydraulic presses whilst press pressure and heat is fed. The product shape is generally created by a two-piece die. The heat is transferred to the die by heating plates. Depending on the product dimensions, multiple dies may be arranged at several levels, one above the other. The press force is generated by a press cylinder which is positioned underneath the dies. Depending on the product dimensions, the use of multiple press cylinders may be necessary.

Modernisation of an existing rubber press plant

A German customer who manufactures rubber and plastic products, in particular soles for safety shoes, urgently needed to optimise existing multi-daylight presses.
In an initial step, Hauhinco modernised the central pressure supply station. Within the scope of modernization the energy requirement of the presses was also optimised. They are now run with two different pressure circuits:

  • Medium-pressure 20 - 50 bar
  • High-pressure 200 - 300 bar

The medium pressure us used to close the press at high speed, the high pressure generates the requisite press force, i.e. closing pressure. Depending on the press design, opening is either performed by the dead weight of the moving press table or by additional hydraulic cylinders.

In the next step, the customer also had the water hydraulics controls for the presses engineered and modernized by Hauhinco. In the process, the current safety standards and requirements were of course taken into account and the existing press functions were optimised. The Hauhinco solution was implemented in a compact, customized hydraulic control block with attached 2/2-way poppet valves. The press force is now controlled with manually adjustable Hauhinco pressure control valves which limit the hydraulic pressure. Individual levels are opened by an additional hydraulic control system which activates the respective hydraulic cylinders.

The company thus received a complete customised solution from one single source which makes production more competitive, quicker and more economical when it comes to safety, energy efficiency, operability and function.


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