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Copper alloys can be both hot and cold formed. Copper has good electrical and thermal conductivity, is corrosion-resistant and has very good friction and wear characteristics. Today copper is used, among other areas, in vehicle manufacture and shipbuilding, as well as in valve technology.

Water Hydraulic Press Drives and Press Controls

For the manufacture and processing of semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys, Hauhinco offers a wide variety of pumps, valves and water hydraulic system solutions for presses and applications. From the high pressure pump, through individual valves to complete press drives and press control systems - Hauhinco always has an appropriate solution with its many years of experience.

Descaling systems for premium copper products

The increasing quality requirements on copper products are at the same time increasing the requirements on a modern descaling system.

Hauhinco is your partner for descaling systems starting from individual high pressure plunger pumps and valves to turnkey descaling systems with automation and material handling. The experience from numerous projects realized combined with in-house plunger pump and valve development as well as the own manufacturing makes optimized, energy-efficient descaling systems possible that set trends both for modernization projects and for new installations. 

Learn more on our turnkey descaling systems.


One-stop shopping: Press controls and press drives for a 50MN Water Hydraulic copper extrusion press

Whether copper pipes or profiles: Hauhinco has been equipping extrusion presses with water hydraulic controls and drives for decades.

Hauhinco has modernized press controls in the copper industry on almost all the continents of this world. With profound process know-how and a complete range of water hydraulic products, Hauhinco is the ideal partner for businesses wanting to increase the efficiency of their presses and quality of their products. Existing customers appreciate the benefit of one-stop shopping: With everything from individual components to engineering services for complete hydraulic control systems and drives.

Customized press controls and high-performance press drives with six EHP-5K400 high pressure plunger pumps

Once our customer in England had decided to have Hauhinco update the press control system for the 50 MN water hydraulic copper extrusion press, Hauhinco also installed the first press drives (pressure supply station) with 400 kW.

With the installation of six Hauhinco EHP-5K 400 high pressure plunger pumps, the old, "large", slow-running pumps were replaced with a new generation of water hydraulic inline piston pumps.

The modernization was an important step for the customer in order to increase the efficiency of production and the quality of products. The pumping station still remains the reliable heart of the production unit in England.

Many more pumping stations with Hauhinco triplex and quintuplex plunger pumps are in use in industry throughout the world where they form an integral part of modern water hydraulic plants.


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