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The requirements in our mobile world are increasing. New materials are making our vehicles ever lighter, more economical and safer. Irrespective of whether small car, luxury limousine or truck: Today quality components are used in all car bodies, suspensions and engines.

High Pressure Plunger Pumps for Hydroforming and Cleaning

To meet the high requirements, Hauhinco water hydraulic systems, high pressure plunger pumps, radial piston pumps and valves are also uniquely suited for the automotive sector. This is particularly true in installations for metal forming using internal high pressure, also known as hydroforming and in cleaning systems within the production process. Due to its decades of water hydraulic know-how, Hauhinco supplies the appropriate solutions - from individual pumps and valves to complete solutions.


High pressure pumps for de-burring/washing units

Hauhinco partnered with de-burring/washing unit manufacturers, to provide high pressure plunger pump units with greater reliability, to several automotive transmission plants.

The de-burring and washing process

Hauhinco plunger pumps are used in the de-burring and part cleaning process at automotive plants. Within the de-burring process the surface of the material is being made reactive with 500 bar high pressure at 62 l/min. After this process, the surface is prepared for subsequent production steps, i.e. coating. During the production, parts also need to be cleaned on regular basis to remove swarfs that might result in the processes.
Reliable pumps for continuous operation are thus essential in order to guarantee a reliable production.

Technical features of Hauhinco plunger pump

Hauhinco pumps are a reliable means of keeping the assembly line moving forward. The Hauhinco pump health monitoring system in the oil lubrication circuit provides visual and electronic indication of crankcase oil level, pressure, and temperature. The stainless steel head design provides compatibility with the water medium used for deburring and washing. Each cylinder in the triplex piston pump liquid end is designed to be removed individually, with ease, in order to reduce maintenance down-time. The VFD motor, along with the Hauhinco Stainless Steel unloader valve (which is mounted directly to the pump head), allows for an energy efficient operation that is customized to the specific deburring unit parameters, by reducing the motor rpm's during pump unload and running at a specified rpm during load, for the correct spray pressure. Safety measures are also taken at the pump via a safety relief valve, also mounted directly to the pump head, to prevent catastrophic failure in the event of pressure spikes.

Service and Support

Hauhinco's ongoing technical support for the pump units, starting at the initial interfacing with the engineers both at the end user and the de-burring unit suppliers, and continuing throughout the life of the pump with onsite support for plant personnel and engineering, provides a long term relationship between Hauhinco and the end-user. This includes plant personnel training, trouble-shooting and diagnostics at startup and as required, spare parts supply and installation, as well as complete pump service and repair.


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