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Along with steel, aluminum is the most important metal design material in bulk forming. In addition the advantage of the low specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3 (steel 7.85 g/cm3), aluminum alloys offer strengths that reach as far as the range of simple tempered steels. 

Together with organizations from the aluminum sector Hauhinco has already undertaken countless projects in the area of the renewal and complete modernization of water hydraulically operated forming applications. In particular for the production of novel aluminum developments, so-called advanced alloys, with end customers in the aerospace and automotive sectors, a large number of water hydraulic system solutions have already been prepared.

Due to this experience and our existing customer relationships we are familiar with the requirements in the aluminum sector and develop customer-specific solutions that set standards.

Water Hydraulic Press Drives and Press Controls

From individual valves, through plunger pumps, to complete water hydraulic system solutions such as press drives and press controls (valve blocks) for water hydraulic aluminum extrusion and forging presses, our entire range of products and services is in use worldwide at aluminum producers and processors.


Modernization of a 50,000 ton forging press:
24 water hydraulic press controls

After more than two years of modernization of the press mechanics and the heart of the system, the water hydraulic press controls, the 50,000 ton die-forging press which was first brought into operation in 1955 is now even more powerful and efficient. Hauhinco was the ideal partner in this press project for the engineering and production of the new press controls for this unique water hydraulic system.

Hauhinco was required to use innovative system specific water hydraulic engineering to meet several challenges. For example precise speed control of the press had to be assured as well as the minimal tilt of the forging dies. The water pilot operated Hauhinco valves offer considerable advantages for reliability and repeatability in the manufacturing process. This is a key benefit when compared to the original control crankshaft. The new water hydraulic system enables the production of complex  aluminium, titanium, nickel and steel forged parts and thus at the same time expanding the customers portfolio of forged products.

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