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Water hydraulic engineering solutions from a single source

Water is one of the most powerful elements in our world. Water hydraulics is the oldest form of hydraulics in the world. The beginnings of hydraulic power transmission can be traced back to antiquity. For numerous reasons water is still an important, indispensable hydraulic medium even today.

Why Water Hydraulics?

Water hydraulics have been in daily use for decades in longwall underground mining and in numerous industrial applications.

Strict regulations and laws make sustainable, safe, clean and hygienic hydraulic systems indispensable in many sensitive processes, production facilities and applications today. Continuous further development, the ready availability of the water medium and also the low life cycle costs (LCC) make water hydraulics a commercially attractive alternative.

In particular, supply, cleaning, disposal and insurance conditions are much more attractive. Water also has outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour and as a consequence permits consistent control precision with temperature changes. Thermostatic control of the cooling circuit is therefore not necessary. Due to the low compressibility of water there is hardly any elastic or cushioning behaviour, switching times and delays are minimised and uneven movements on a sudden pressure and force change are low.

Controlling Water

The water medium can, however, only optimally exploit its power and dynamism if it is perfectly controlled. It must be integrated into a powerful hydraulic system that effectively increases the safety and production quality of your installation and supplements and expands the hydraulic functions at an attractive price-performance ratio.
You need a fluid-expert who is familiar with all the facets of water hydraulics. A partner that knows the high requirements in underground mining. A company that has the engineering know how for the development of press controls, press drives and descaling systems for industrial applications. A water hydraulic engineering specialist who offers you tailored solutions with powerful, durable high pressure plunger pumps and valves from a single source; An organisation that promotes innovative developments with real added value in relation to cost-effectiveness and safety; A solution partner who is there for you - from initial advice, through engineering, to after sales service. That is Hauhinco - the expert in water hydraulic solutions.


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