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Investments in Machinery

With large investments in the Machinery, Hauhinco is proactively preparing for the future. In the long term these investments shall secure and enhance the leading position as a manufacturer of pumps, valves and water hydraulics systems.

A new CNC turning and milling machine from DMG Mori Seiki, type "CTX beta 1250 TC" has been put into operation in November 2013. The "CTX beta 1250 TC" is able to do several work steps in one operational cycle. This way turning and also drilling and milling operations can be handled by one machine. With regards to the turning operations, the new machining center complements and thus also reduces the work load of the existing Boehringer "VDF 400CM" CNC machine. 

A new tool adjustment and measuring unit of type Venturio 600/8/D540-pilot 3.0 from Zoller has also been put into operation in November 2013. This machine replaced the adjustment unit "Saturn 1". Besides several developments in the field of adjustment and measurement technology, the new machine can also be integrated into the Siemens NX CAM System, a software solution that is for instance used to program machine tools. 

In January 2014 a "Robomat 7LU" wash system from Pero was added to the machinery. The single chamber wash system will be deployed to clean metallic components used in the production and also for parts which are being repaired and overhauled. Besides many improvements in the wash system itself, the machine is also able to clean all pump types using the spraying method. 

Within the first half year of 2014 the DMG Mori Seiki "DMC 55 H duoBLOCK", a horizontal CNC machining center, will also be put into operation. This machine fulfills all necessary technological requirements of a state-of-the-art horizontal CNC machining center. The "DMC 55 H duoBLOCK" will initially be used parallel to the existing horizontal CNC machining center "DMC 60 H". 

All investments in the machinery will effectively support the companies' competitiveness and also secure its future.

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