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Hauhincos strongest Pump station with three EHP-5K 400S for “Kirowa” and “No 7” Mine OAO „SUEK-Kuzbass“

Hauhinco has developed, manufactured and commissioned the strongest High Pressure pump stations in the entire company history for the “Kirowa“ and “No 7” Mine of OAO „SUEK-Kuzbass“ in Leninsk-Kuznezkij.

The pump stations have been specifically designed for the needs of the high performance longwalls in the mines. The longwall at "Kirowa" mine has a total length of 300m and a seam height of about 3m with a mining progress of 20.000t per day. Thus a powerful high pressure pump station that is able to deliver the appropriate pressure and volume flow is needed. Besides these demanding requirements with regards to the high pressure system, the mine also set high standards with regards to the water quality used in the longwall equipment. Clean and saline free water is important to the mine as it guarantees the longevity of the entire equipment used in the longwall and thus secures the investments. These were the key factors that needed to be considered in the development and the design of the pump station. The result is one of the most modern and strongest pump stations ever build by Hauhinco for the mining industry.

The entire high pressure station consists of eight individual stations which result in one intelligent high pressure system:

First, the raw water runs through a pre-water cleaning station. In this station a hydrocyclone separates all solids out of the water. A three stage filtration process with automatic backflush double filters in 100 μm, 50 μm, 25 μm follows. A HFA-bag return filter with a filter mesh of 50 μm is also stored on this station. It cleans the Water-HFA-Emulsion returning from the face before it is led back to the tank.

After the three stage filtration process the water enters the water treatment system. This water treatment technology has been designed by Hauhinco in 2010. In this station 1000l per hour clean and saline free water is produced at a feed-in pressure of 15 bar. After this treatment process the water has a conductivity of only ~30 µS and is practically saline free.

The clean water is enriched with concentrate in the automatic emulsion mixing system. Afterwards the Water-HFA-Emulsion is led to the main tank of the pump station. This stainless steel tank has a total capacity of 6000l, which are separated in 5000l Water-HFA-Emulsion and 1000l HFA-concentrate. Besides the automatic emulsion mixing system the tank is equipped with analogue level measuring instruments in the Water-HFA-Emulsion and in the emulsion compartment. Both segments are additionally secured against fallings rocks and other effects with stainless steel covers. A transmitted light refractometer with a biprism is also used at the tank to monitor the HFA-Water-Emulsion. The main tank is connected with an additional 6000l stainless steel tank that is mainly used for volume changes (pendulum volume).

A total of three EHP-5K 400 (five plunger high pressure pumps), each run with a 400 kW electric motor are installed in the pump station and provide the shield supports with enough power. Each EHP-5K 400 delivers a maximum flow rate of 635 l/min and a maximum pressure of 360 bar. The pumps which were specifically designed for underground mining are designed as flange types. Each pump is equipped  with a pressure relief valve, type U504, a bypass valve DN40 PN420, a transmission oil pressure and temperature control as well with an integrated transmission oil cooler.

The generated pressure and volume flow is led to a collecting block at the accumulator and filter station. From the collecting block the water enters two automatic high pressure double back flush filters and is filtered once again. Two accumulators with 32l PN400 are also stored on this station, to reduce pressure spikes and closing shocks. The water runs through a distribution block and is led to the hydraulic shield supports in the face.

The Pump station was commissioned at first on “No 7” mine at the end of 2013. The management of the mine has been very satisfied with the installed equipment. Due to the outstanding water conditions the entire equipment in the longwall will be preserved and the investments will be secured. The commissioning of the pump station at “Kirowa” mine will follow soon.

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