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Hauhinco water hydraulic systems revive Alcoa’s 50,000 ton forging press

Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions, the world’s leading aluminium producer, celebrated the return of its 50,000 ton forging press on 13th of February 2012 in the Cleveland works (OH) after more than two years of modernization. With the renewal of the press mechanics and the heart of the system, the hydraulic press controls, the press which was first brought on line in 1955 is now appearing even more powerful and efficient. Hauhinco was the ideal partner for the engineering of the new intelligent water hydraulic system and the production of the components for this unique forging press.

Hauhinco impressed with an innovative and system specific water hydraulic engineering. For example the exactly adjustable press speed had to be assured as well as the parallelism of the forging dies. The process fluid, pilot operated Hauhinco valves offer considerable advantages for the process reliability and reproducibility. Compared to the application of the control crank this is a key benefit. Thus the new water hydraulic press controls allow the production of more demanding and complex components and at the same time expanding the customers portfolio of forged products. 

Customized Engineering: 24 water hydraulic press controls

Another challenge was the design of the 24 water hydraulic controls. In spite of the gigantic dimensions of the press the incorporation of the up to 13.500 kg heavy press controls was excellent engineering work. Special production processes were necessary to meet the requirements of the circuit as well of the assembly situation. Hauhinco engineers were able to fit the controls – now with clearly extended functions – exactly into the given installation spaces. To be emphasized is that almost all of the pipelines of the existing installation were applied. The cornerstones in the scheduling framework were held commendable.

This 100 million US Dollar project is not only important for Alcoa’s customers but also promises economic growth and security for the whole region. Eric Roegner, president of Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions, emphasized that this press is a key component for the company’s future success. It enabled Alcoa Cleveland to raise their capacities and thus serve customers in aerospace, in industry and also in the energy sector.

“The 50 is back!” – with a Hauhinco heart

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