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The Saar-Polygon: A monument for the Saar mining region

On June 30th 2012 the coal mining at the Saar ended after more than 250 years. To create a monument for the Saar Mining region and the miners but also to look towards the future, the Saar-Polygon has been created on the mine dump Duhamel in Ensdorf.

The finished sculpture combines the past, the change and the future and reminds of an essential historical part of the region: the coal mining.

As in all German Mines, Hauhinco as the Expert for water hydraulic solutions, also has been the partner for pumps and pump stations in the Saar coal mining region for decades. The Polygon is now less than a 30 minute-drive away from the old Hauhinco-Saar office in Saarbrücken.

The Saar-Polygon has been designed by the Berlin architects Pfeiffer Sachse. The construction of the nearly 30m tall accessible steel structure was started at the end of 2015. The Saar-Polygon is already one of the striking sights in Saarlouis and it allows an impressive view even to France and Luxembourg.

The construction of the landmark was financially supported by many donors. Besides the RAG also several notable mining suppliers such as Becker Mining Systems, Eickhoff Bergbautechnik and Hauhinco are among the donors.

The Saar-Polygon will be open to the public in mid-September 2016. For more information visit the BergbauErbeSaar-Website and the Site of the architects Pfeiffer Sachse.   

Picture: pfeiffer sachse architekten

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