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High Pressure Pump EHP-3K 75 now available as flange type

The youngest member of the Hauhinco Pump family, the inline piston pump EHP-3K 75, is now also available as a flange version. Thereby Hauhinco continues the successful tradition to offer its customers the advantages the flange design has to offer.

The advantages of the flange type version in an overview:

In addition to the known performance data and the accessories, the pump can also be equipped with a Variable frequency drive (VDF).

The Hauhinco pump already features a wide usable rpm-range as a standard pump. With an external powered oil lubrication pump the complete rpm-range from 0 to 100% can be used.

With the VFD technology, the pump can ideally be used for applications in which variable rotation speeds are necessary for pressure and volume flow control.

Especially in Hydroforming applications as well as in Cleaning- and Descaling-Systems the VFD technology is already successfully used. With the use of a VFD an efficient production with the best possible use of energy is enabled.

All performance date and more information on the EHP-3K 75 can be found here.

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